Hand Made Turkish Lamp, Multicolor Diamonds

Hand Made Turkish Lamp, Multicolor Diamonds


Our beautiful Turkish lamps are handmade using traditional techniques that can be traced back thousands of years. First, large sheets of colorful glass are cut into pieces that are mounted on a clear glass base. Applied with a clear adhesive, they are then grouted with a bonding paste and left to dry. When they are ready, each lamp is smoothed of sharp edges (the only mechanized part of the process) and attached to a brass or bronze base. Because each lamp is made by hand, no two are exactly the same.

There are only subtle differences between modern lamps and those of antiquity. Over the course of thousands of years, lamps have become slightly less heavy as excess material has been trimmed from the process. Older lamps may develop hairline fractures as they are heated and cooled with everyday use, though they hold up incredibly well over time. After all, these lamps have been around for 5,000 years!

Lightbulb not included.

14"H x 7"W