Butterfly with Glass Evil Eye

Butterfly with Glass Evil Eye


The term “evil eye” refers both to the cause of misfortune as well as the amulets that protect against it. Giving someone the “evil eye” means to look at them with spite or envy, casting a curse of misfortune on them, accidentally or on purpose. The solution? evil eye amulets. Traditionally dark blue, they reflect the evil eye stare back at the perpetrator, protecting the person who is wearing it against ill wishes or disaster.

 The evil eye symbol dates back centuries and across many cultures, but we source ours from Turkey. They can be worn or displayed in the home, usually by an entrance to ward off the evil eye and keep the space full of positive, balanced energy.

Some of our designs also feature the hamsa sign, which looks like a hand positioned right side up or upside down. Dating back to Mesopotamia, upside down it is a symbol of health, luck, happiness, and good fortune. Right side up it is also an additional protection against the evil eye. It is a common symbol in Jewish, Berber, and Arabic cultures.

6 1/4"L  x  3"  W